The Lending Outlet is a Kelowna Based Mortgage company founded by Tracy Charlton, formally of DLC Okanagan (Dominion Lending).

As Mortgage brokers it is our job to know all the products available to the consumer and to be sure that we explain and offer all the these options to you.  Because we don’t deal with one specific lending organization or bank we can give you fair unbiased advice.

If you deal directly with a bank they are only able to offer you what they have in their own product lineup.  This is a problem, many times the mortgage products they have simply do not meet the your individual requirements not only in terms of structure but also on rates.

As professional mortgage brokers we keep up to date on the latest news and industry knowledge, we work for you not the banks and our services are most of time provided to you free of charge.  It just doesn’t make sense to deal directly with one bank, why limit your options.

The Lending Outlet builds on over 24 years of financial industry knowledge.  With over 100 lenders available to deal with The Lending Outlet has the ability to fund most deals.

  • Residential mortgages
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Construction mortgages
  • First Time Home buyers

To find out more about The Lending Outlet and what we can do for you please contact us at 1-250-762-6996.