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First Time Home Buyers

It’s a big move buying your first home. There are countless decisions to make and sometimes it feels like a whole new language to learn. At The Lending Outlet, Mortgage Architects, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced Mortgage Brokers know the industry inside out. We can help you to understand how much mortgage you can manage, and to explore both traditional and innovative mortgage options. We also have access to the best mortgage rates with features that can help you achieve your homeownership dreams. If it’s expert advice you’re after, our Mortgage Brokers can help.

Self Employed

Owning a business shouldn’t stop you from owning a home. Entrepreneurs like you are the engine of the Canadian economy – shouldn’t that be rewarded? We think so. But that hasn’t always been the case. Traditionally, reducing your taxable income made it difficult for self-employed people like you to qualify for the mortgage you deserve. Not any more. At The Lending Outlet, Mortgage Architects, we work with a variety of lenders to bring you an array of innovative mortgage solutions designed specifically for self-employed Canadians. Our Mortgage Brokers can help.

Credit Issues

We all face challenges. Don’t let a less-than-stellar credit rating stop you from your dreams of home ownership. It’s still possible. Sometimes a new mortgage offers the fresh start you need. Moving your high-interest debt into a lower-rate mortgage is a great way to save on interest costs, improve your cash flow, and start rebuilding your credit rating. Work with The Lending Outlet, Mortgage Architects to explore the range of mortgage products that cater to people in a variety of financial situations. If you want to find out how the right mortgage can reestablish your credit rating and get life back on track, our Mortgage Brokers can help.


Non Residents