Village Heights at The Ponds Kelowna Upper Mission

Village Heights at the Ponds,

in the Mission Area of Kelowna is a great development of small single family homes priced for average income families and empty nesters.
What makes the Village Heights project successful is its well thought out cohesive design. The Kelowna homes are attractive, with good features and offer excellent value.


The most expensive home at Village Heights is about 520k including HST. The least expensive expensive home one is only $402,500 including HST.

So we can get you in to a brand new home here with 22k down and $57,000k in combined family income. So if you as a couple have  good credit scores and a stable jobs that pays you each at least  $13.70 an hour you should be able to buy a home with just 22k down.

The Lending Outlet has financed 17 homes at the Ponds in the past couple of years and everyone is happy with their purchase.

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Village Heights Kelowna

What makes this newsworthy in my mind that in the past week they have sold 7 homes while the headlines talk about a slowdown in the real estate market in Canada.

This just proves my contention that if you offer good value, in the right price range and work with a good realtor and broker, you can find a house you can afford.

Check the Ponds out They are on Steele Road , go to the end of Gordon and up the hill. You’ll see the signs. Trust me you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Ponds Kelowna – Billie Broker, Billie Aaltonen